Beautiful Mama Blog Award!!!


I am so excited, flattered, and honored to be nominated for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. Thank you so much to Jennifer from The Jenny Evolution for this unexpected surprise. I feel so honored that my release of writing and sharing my (at times, brutally) honest stories and insights have inspired other families. I’m so grateful that people read my stories, which honestly are written to help other people gain insight to their children, as well as a release for me.

As part of this post, I’ve been asked to share three things I love being about a mom.

1. I love seeing the wonder in my kids’ eyes when they get to experience something new. It’s like I’m experiencing it for the first time just as they are, and it helps me to appreciate the little things like sunrises, flowers, birds, and even multi-colored shoes.

2. I love always having someone to join me in a dance party. It’s awesome to have live-in dance partners who are full of uninhibited dance moves, fun, and laughter. If I’m feeling down, I just put on some music and watch them magically appear in the living room from wherever they were. I feel like the pied piper, only my little “rats” are coming to bust a move with their audience of one (or two, when Jon is home).

3. I love watching them grow. Every birthday is bittersweet, since saying good-bye to the last year means that year is gone for good, but there is always a bit of excitement in thinking about all of the possibilities of the year(s) to come. Sure, they may not let me hold them like a baby for more than a few minutes anymore, but I get to watch them learn how to ride bikes, see joy in their faces when they do something nice for other people, watch them sing at school concerts, and see them learn and learn as their sponge-brains take in anything and everything they can.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers (and fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. who may be acting as a mother to children in their lives) who continue to nurture their little (and big) nuggets. Thank you for reading!!

I would like to nominate the following moms for The Beautiful Mama Blog Award, whose inspiring blogs make me remember that I’m not alone:

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