6 12 2012

Voices of Sensory Processing Disorder

super mom quote by a super bloggerI’m a bad mom.  I think that about a million times a day.  I think it because I swear at my children under my breath.  A lot.  All with a fake smile plastered on my face.  I think it because I get frustrated.  A lot.  My son has Sensory Processing Disorder, which has riddled his life- and mine- with friend issues, and self-control issues, and weird noises, and I get so frustrated I want to scream. And sometimes I do scream.  I scream into pillows, into my hands, in my car, in my bedroom, and sadly, I sometimes scream at my kids.  I hate that I do that.  That makes me a bad mom.  Yes, my screams are often followed by apologies, but the apologizes shouldn’t have to happen because I shouldn’t yell.  But I yell because I’m frustrated and I’m a bad mom.  I think about the…

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