He’s Not “Just a Boy”

29 11 2011

“He’s just a boy,” was the response we’d get when we told people Cameron was abnormally naughty.  Or, “He’s just so smart,” “He’s fine! There’s nothing wrong with him!”  “Do you really think he has ADHD?”

Yes, we did.  He was our first child, s0 we really didn’t know what we were doing, but something was not exactly right, and since he really did have a hard time sitting still, ADHD seemed like a reasonable idea.  Beyond being “busy,” though, Cameron’s time-outs were explosive; when he ran through the house, it seemed like he could either run or sit, nothing in between; he seemed to be speaking through a megaphone constantly; he needed to be held in time-outs on more than one occasion– the list goes on and on, and we’ll get there… There are so many stories to tell!

Cameron is seven years old now, and he is amazing.  Although Cameron was diagnosed with ADHD, his occupational therapist doesn’t think he really has it, and neither do we anymore.  Not more than six weeks ago, we found out that Cameron has Sensory Integration Dysfunction, which is helping to finally put together our Cameron puzzle.  This has been a long, exhausting, frustrating, and emotional journey for our family, and we have felt alone.  I wanted to write this just in case there are other parents who are looking for help, support, and answers like we were.

Cameron was not “just a boy,” Cameron was and often continues to be a little boy overwhelmed or underwhelmed with sensory input, and he’s needed help organizing his senses.  We feel like we’re meeting the true Cameron for the first time since birth, which is both incredible and heartbreaking at the same time.

Let the stories begin!




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29 11 2011

He is not just a boy. He is an amazing boy. We talked a long time ago and we all agreed that if any of us had a child who needed a little extra attention or love, you and Jon were the perfect parents for the job. I know you have been frustrated, but it sounds like your little boy is making big strides. You are both great parents and I am sure MANY would have just stopped once you were told he had ADHD. Your pursuing the issue just shows how much love and determination you and Jon have. Cameron is lucky to have you both and you are blessed to have such a compassionate and adorable boy. If you need to vent or talk I am hear to listen. love you guys

29 11 2011

Thank you, Laurie! Your words mean a lot to me. We are so happy that nearly everyone in the family sees Cameron for how incredible he is, and not the struggles he has. We are lucky to have supportive family like you!

29 11 2011
darlene santner


Thank you for doing this blog. It is absolutely enlightening and validating. My nephew, Dylan, demonstrates the same behaviors that Cameron demonstrated. I can’t wait to show your blog to my brother and sister-in-law.

Thank you!


29 11 2011

I’m so happy that someone will find use for it! I truly did start it for my own therapy, but it is an added bonus that someone else in the world might feel validated! Thank you for your kind words!

29 01 2014

Just found your blog…..not sure if my son has spd but I am exploring the idea so simply reading your blog makes me feel less alone.

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